I Don’t Know If It’s True…

Title : I Don't Know If It's True, But it Happened to Me
Release Date : February 6, 2007
Format : CD

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Upbeat electric bluesy original songs, driven by guitars and a slightly twisted sense of humor.. with notable guests from SRV and ABB sitting in. Fun, soulful and southern rootsy.

Track Listing

1. Beside Myself
2. If You See Me Runnin’
3. The Shape of Blues to Come
4. Ballin’ in ‘Nawlins
5. My Good Thing’s Gone
6. The Twelve Year Old Boy
7. Car Trouble
8. Stop ‘n Go Woman
9. Devil of a Time
10. Twenty Pounds of ‘Taters
11. Walking Thru the Park
12. Harmonica Lewinsky

Recorded at CandleFly, Dog Den Studio and Boomtown Recorders.
Produced by D.L. Duncan.

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